Hexton Hills Adventure Pack 4 - The Final Chapter

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The Final Chapter

Embark on the grand finale of your epic journey with the Hexton Hills 'The Final Chapter' Adventure Pack 4. This 24 tile hex pack, crafted to augment your Starter set map, offers a fitting end to your thrilling narrative.

Each tile comes printed and unpainted, providing a blank canvas for you to fill with your own vibrant shades of adventure. With high-quality 3D printing, every tile stands out with detail, bringing your gaming world to life.

The pack includes the following tiles:

  • 1 River Tile: Add a tranquil or tumultuous waterway to your landscapes.
  • 8 Various Cliff Tiles: Create imposing cliff faces and perilous drops.
  • 1 Coastal Transition Tile: Seamlessly link your land and sea regions.
  • 1 Ship Wreck: An iconic landmark with potential for hidden treasures or eerie tales.
  • 1 Mountain Falls Tile: Bring natural beauty and majesty to your map.
  • 5 Various Mountain Tiles: Add towering peaks and treacherous slopes.
  • 2 Road Tiles: Pathways to guide adventurers towards their destiny.
  • 3 Ocean Tiles: Expand your world with the endless horizon of the sea.
  • 1 Mountain Lair: A final, foreboding destination for your adventurers to confront their fate.
  • 1 Fort Tile: A place of rest, resupply, or perhaps a staging point for the final journey.

All tiles are printed at high quality on an FDM printer with PLA. Please note, colours may vary, and the product comes unassembled.

The Hexton Hills 'The Final Chapter' Adventure Pack 4 gives your narrative the unforgettable conclusion it deserves. Forge your path to the end, and leave a lasting legacy in the annals of your gaming world.

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