Hexton Hills Adventure Pack 1 - The Lonely Tower

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The Lonely Tower

Embark on your adventure with the Hexton Hills Adventure Starter Pack! This product comes printed and unpainted. With this 24-tile hex pack, you can create a versatile map that sets the stage for countless adventures. Begin in a serene village, journey through lush woodlands, and discover the secrets of the ancient tower.

Each pack includes a carefully curated selection of tiles that balance natural landscapes with man-made structures. Here's what's in the box:

  • 3 Woodland Tiles, to craft serene and secretive forests
  • 1 Woodland Tower Tile, a beacon of intrigue in the wilderness
  • 4 Woodland Road Tiles, guiding your adventurers' journey through the woods
  • 1 Woodland Road Fork Tile, posing the eternal question: which path to take?
  • 1 Woodland Road Transition Tile, where the forest path meets the open road
  • 1 Plains Tile, for spacious, open landscapes
  • 1 Bridge Tile, a crossing over troubled waters
  • 4 River Tiles, to bring life-giving water to your map
  • 1 Watermill Tile, hinting at industrious local life
  • 1 Road Tile, a sign of civilization and connectivity
  • 1 Isolated Cottage Tile, a secluded retreat or hideout
  • 1 Crossroads Tile, where important decisions are made
  • 1 Road Fork Tile, presenting another choice of directions
  • 1 Farm Tile, a taste of pastoral life
  • 1 Village Tile, the heart of your local community

Excellent print quality: Each tile is meticulously 3D printed using advanced FDM printers and hardy PLA material, guaranteeing superb durability and detail. Note: colours may vary and the product arrives unassembled.

Unmatched flexibility: With the tiles' smart side tabs and magnet-sized holes, create limitless, seamless landscapes that flow as naturally as the rivers they represent.

Begin your world-building with the Hexton Hills Adventure Starter Pack. Uncover the mysteries of the wilderness, and set the stage for countless tales of heroism, intrigue, and discovery.

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