Hexton Hills Roads and Refuge

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Shape Your Heroes' Journey

Step into a world of epic adventures with our Hexton Hills 3D Roadways & Outposts Pack, printed and ready for your customization, no 3D printer necessary!

Our set of 24 intricately detailed tiles gives you an array of road types to populate your maps, from twisting bends to long straight stretches, providing countless narrative possibilities. But that's not all! This set also includes a selection of outpost tiles, adding another layer of depth and intrigue to your gaming experience.

Paintable and easy-to-assemble, each piece is produced with the highest quality PLA using top-tier FDM printers. They feature specially designed tabs and magnet-ready holes to allow effortless interlocking and arrangement, putting you in control of your campaign's narrative.

This adventure-inducing set includes:

  • 5 Sharp Bend Road Tiles for perilous turns
  • 6 Shallow Curve Road Tiles for gentle meanders
  • 3 Straight Road Tiles for unswerving progress
  • 1 Remote Hut Tile for secluded respite
  • 2 Isolated Cottage Tiles for intriguing side quests
  • 1 Lonely Homestead Tile for mysterious encounters
  • 1 Watchtower Tile for strategic vantage points
  • 1 Roadside Inn Tile for well-earned rest stops
  • 2 Different Road Split Tiles for important crossroads
  • 1 Crossroads Tile for crucial decisions
  • 1 Dead End Tile to test your adventurers' resourcefulness

Colours may vary, allowing you to own a unique gaming set tailored to your adventure's needs. With the Hexton Hills 3D Roadways & Outposts Pack, the path to epic role-playing is just a tile away!

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