Hexton Hills River Reveries

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Detailed 3D Printed River Terrain for Tabletop RPGs 

Unleash the power of dynamic landscapes with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Rivers Pack! This 24-tile set, printed and unpainted, delivers a vast selection of river and river crossing tiles that add new dimensions to your campaign maps. Whether you're scattering waterways throughout your maps or shaping one mighty river, this set brings an element of natural beauty and tactical depth to your game.

Experience the thrill of unpredictable river adventures with:

  • 4 Sharp Bend River Tiles, where swift waters take sudden turns
  • 4 Shallow Curve River Tiles, offering gentle, winding waters
  • 4 Straight River Tiles, embodying the river's relentless flow
  • 1 Ferry Crossing Tile, a vital transit point for wary travellers
  • 1 Ford Crossing Tile, a challenging passage across the river
  • 6 Various River Crossing Tiles, key sites of potential conflict and negotiation
  • 2 Different River Bend Tiles, amplifying the river's serpentine beauty
  • 2 Different River Split Tiles, where the river diverges, so do your adventures

Optimum print quality: Each tile is expertly 3D printed using high-quality FDM printers and durable PLA material, ensuring unparalleled detail and longevity. Note: colours may vary and the product arrives unassembled.

Seamless design: Thanks to the smart side tabs and magnet-sized holes, design vast, borderless landscapes that flow like the rivers themselves, adding a new level of realism to your games.

Embark on riveting river adventures with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Rivers Pack. Every tile is a chapter in the thrilling chronicle of your campaigns!

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs