Hexton Hills Forest Pathways

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Diverse 3D Printed Woodland Roads for Tabletop RPGs

Immerse your players in the heart of the forest with Hexton Hills 3D Printed Woodland Roads Pack! This 24-tile hex pack, printed and unpainted, offers a large selection of woodland roads to enrich your maps, adding life and narrative opportunities to your wooded areas.

Open the gateway to a verdant wilderness, with a mixture of roads and captivating points of interest:

  • 5 Straight Woodland Road Tiles, leading your heroes on their journey
  • 1 Woodland Crossroads Tile, a meeting point for myriad adventures
  • 3 Diverse Woodland Split Road Tiles, introducing the element of choice
  • 3 Sharp Bend Woodland Road Tiles, for those dramatic turns of events
  • 1 Shallow Curve Woodland Road Tile, creating smooth transitions
  • 1 Bend Woodland Road Tile, introducing surprises in your trail
  • 3 Woodland Road Connection Tiles, for seamless interplay of different scenes
  • 1 Crossroad Inn Tile, a haven for weary travellers
  • 1 Forest Cave Tile, a potential lair for mysterious creatures
  • 1 Lumberyard Tile, offering a touch of civilisation amidst the wilderness
  • 1 Woodland Village Tile, a centre of activity and quests
  • 1 Woodland Tower Tile, towering majestically among the trees
  • 1 Roadside Hideout Tile, a secret waiting to be unveiled
  • 1 Isolated Cottage Tile, a story waiting to unfold

Flawless print quality: Brought to life with our advanced FDM printers and sturdy PLA material, every tile boasts exceptional detail for an immersive experience. Note: colours may vary, and the product arrives unassembled.

User-friendly assembly: Our smart side tabs and magnet-sized holes enable easy, borderless assembly and optimal flexibility in your map building.

Add depth to your storytelling with Hexton Hills 3D Printed Woodland Roads Pack – where every road is an opportunity for an unforgettable tale!

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs