Hexton Hills Adventure Pack 2 - Island Adventure

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 Island Adventure

The adventure continues with the Hexton Hills 'Island Adventure' Adventure Pack 2. This 24 tile hex pack is designed to seamlessly extend your Starter set map, providing new locations and features for ongoing exploration. From coastal villages and sandy beaches to mystical stone circles and secluded islands, this pack opens up a myriad of fresh adventures.

Each pack arrives printed and unpainted, providing you with the opportunity to customize each tile to fit the narrative of your game. The detailed 3D printed tiles lend a tangible depth to your map, immersing players deeper into the unfolding story.

The set contains the following high-quality 3D printed tiles:

  • 7 Various Coastal Tiles: Create dynamic and engaging seascapes.
  • 1 Island Tile: An isolated landmass ripe for exploration.
  • 1 Coastal Village Tile: A unique civilization interacting with the sea.
  • 1 River Connection Tile: A vital link between inland and coastal territories.
  • 4 River Tiles: Trace the waterways that shape the geography of your map.
  • 4 Plains and Hills Tiles: Expand your map with varied landscapes.
  • 1 Woodland Tile: Add a touch of wilderness to your setting.
  • 2 Woodland Border Tiles: Define the boundaries between woodlands and other terrains.
  • 1 Woodland Road Connection Tile: Where forest trails meet the open road.
  • 1 Road Tile: Connect key points of interest across your map.
  • 1 Stone Circle Tile: A mysterious monument hinting at ancient rituals or forgotten histories.

All tiles are printed with PLA on an FDM printer, ensuring high quality. Please note that colours may vary. The product comes unassembled.

Embark on a new chapter of your adventure with the Hexton Hills 'Continuing the Journey' Adventure Pack 2 and bring an even more immersive and exciting world to life.

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs