Hexton Hills Adventure Pack Mega Bundle

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The Hexton Hills Adventure Pack Mega Bundle offers an unparalleled tabletop gaming experience with a massive selection of 96 intricately detailed 3D printed hex tiles. This is a grand compilation of our four adventure packs: "The Lonely Tower", "Island Adventure", "New Horizons", and "The Final Chapter". All combined into one package for a great price, it lets you construct the ultimate adventure map replete with sprawling mountains, beautiful coastal details, lush woodland mystery, and the comforting respite of civilization.

All tiles come printed and unpainted, providing you with a blank canvas to express your creative vision.

This comprehensive set comes with the following tiles:

  • 1 Barn Tile
  • 2 Farm Tiles
  • 1 Bandit Camp Tile
  • 1 Fortune Teller Tile
  • 1 Stone Circle Tile
  • 1 Woodland Tower Tile
  • 1 Mountain Lair Tile
  • 5 Various Mountain Tiles
  • 3 Ocean Tiles
  • 1 Island Tile
  • 1 Ship Wreck Tile
  • 7 Various Plains and Hills Tiles
  • 1 Clay Pit Tile
  • 9 Various River Tiles
  • 1 Watermill Tile
  • 1 Waterfall Tile
  • 17 Various Road Tiles
  • 1 Hamlet Tile
  • 1 Isolated Cottage Tile
  • 1 Lonely Homestead Tile
  • 7 Woodland Road Tiles
  • 1 Bridge Tile
  • 8 Various Cliff Tiles
  • 8 Various Coastal Tiles
  • 1 River Connection Tile
  • 1 Fort Tile
  • 1 Town Tile
  • 1 Coastal Town Tile
  • 11 Woodland Tiles

Every tile is printed at high quality on an FDM printer with PLA. Please note that the colours may vary, and the product comes unassembled.

The Hexton Hills Adventure Pack Mega Bundle is your ticket to limitless adventures and unforgettable gaming sessions. Build, play, and let your imagination roam free in a world of your making.

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs