Hexton Hills Highland Expedition Bundle

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Unleash the storyteller in you with the Hexton Hills Highland Expedition Bundle. This package, complete with 48 impressively detailed 3D printed hex tiles, allows you to create a vast, engaging, and captivating tabletop map. It combines the thrilling adventures of "New Horizons" and "The Final Chapter" into a single, convenient bundle.

With tiles featuring everything from ominous mountain lairs to quiet farmsteads, you can weave a narrative filled with bandits, shipwrecks, forts, towns, and the ultimate mountaintop challenge. The pack includes a range of tiles for diverse environments like cliffs, oceans, plains, hills, and woodlands, ensuring you can craft the perfect setting for your adventures.

This comprehensive set includes the following tiles:

  • 1 Farm Tile
  • 1 Bandit Camp Tile
  • 1 Fortune Teller Tile
  • 1 Mountain Lair Tile
  • 5 Various Mountain Tiles
  • 3 Ocean Tiles
  • 1 Ship Wreck Tile
  • 2 Various Plains and Hills Tiles
  • 1 Clay Pit Tile
  • 1 River Tile
  • 1 Waterfall Tile
  • 13 Various Road Tiles
  • 1 Lonely Homestead Tile
  • 8 Various Cliff Tiles
  • 1 Coastal Connection Tile
  • 1 Fort Tile
  • 1 Town Tile
  • 5 Woodland Tiles

All tiles are printed at high quality on an FDM printer with PLA. Please note that the colours may vary, and the product comes unassembled.

With the Hexton Hills Highland Expedition Bundle, you're not just buying game accessories - you're unlocking a world of endless adventure and immersive storytelling.

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs