Hexton Hills Maiden Voyage Adventure Bundle

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Step into a world of unparalleled adventure with the Hexton Hills Maiden Voyage Adventure Bundle. This set, featuring 48 carefully crafted 3D printed hex tiles, enables you to create an extensive and exciting map. The bundle combines the suspense of "The Lonely Tower" and the exhilarating exploration of "Island Adventure", making it a perfect launchpad for a new campaign or a delightful addition for enthusiasts of model building and painting.

From the tranquil hamlet to the enigmatic woodland, the mesmerizing stone circle to the isolated island adventure, this bundle offers myriad opportunities for adventure and intrigue.

This inclusive set comes with the following tiles:

  • 1 Farm Tile
  • 1 Coastal Village Tile
  • 1 Stone Circle Tile
  • 1 Bridge Tile
  • 8 Various River Tiles
  • 1 River Connection Tile
  • 4 Various Road Tiles
  • 7 Various Woodland Road Tiles
  • 1 Hamlet Tile
  • 1 Barn Tile
  • 1 Water Mill Tile
  • 6 Various Woodland Tiles
  • 1 Mysterious Tower Tile
  • 7 Various Coastal Tiles
  • 5 Various Plains & Hills Tiles
  • 1 Island Tile
  • 1 Isolated Cottage Tile

All tiles are printed at high quality on an FDM printer with PLA. Please note that colours may vary, and the product comes unassembled.

The Hexton Hills Maiden Voyage Adventure Bundle doesn't just offer game pieces; it opens a portal to a world brimming with enchanting landscapes and unlimited escapades. Enjoy the voyage!

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs