Hexton Hills - Build Your Own Printed Map (Price Per Tile)

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Please allow 2-3 weeks to process a custom order.

Want to create your own hex map and have us print it for you?  You can plan out your map over at map.gravenguild.com and then return here to order the number of tiles that you will need.

All tiles printed with FDM printers using PLA.

Bulk Discounts Apply at Checkout:

  • 10 or more tiles:  Save 12.5%
  • 20 or more tiles:  Save 25%
  • 50 or more tiles:  Save 37.5%
  • 100 or more tiles:  Save 50%

Once you have placed this order send an email to support@miniwargaming.com with a list of what you would like printed.  If you use the map.gravenguild.com app simply use the "list" button and copy and paste that list to us, or save the map and send us the map file.

Note:  Some special tiles (like some of the Legendary tiles) require resin printing and may cost extra.  We will let you know if this is the case.  Depending on your order size we might ignore this and just print them at the same price as everything else.