Hexton Hills Legendary Set

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Want to add some epic levels of awesomeness to your campaign map?  These four unique tiles are sure to do just that.

This set includes:

  • Graven Tower
  • Castle Gravenhof
  • Zaratan Temple (awakened and dormant)

Hexton Hills is a modular, hex based toolset for roleplaying, wargaming and worldbuilding. Designed to be printed as a single peice for both resin and FDM printers. Tiles can support x2 3x2mm magnets along each edge and x1 10mm magnet on its underside.

You'll find 6 variants of each of the tiles which will allow you to print exactly how you want:

FDM with / without connection tabs
Resin with / without connection tabs (unsupported)
Resin with / without connection tabs (supported)

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